The Daimler Motor Company was formed in 1896 and was the first motor car company to make cars in Britain. Daimler soon became the best vehicle to buy and was the car of choice for Royalty in this country and soon throughout the world. Both Daimlers are powered by highly refined six cylinder engines which are noted for smooth running and reliable operation. For cars designed in the early 1930's a ride in one of these cars soon justifies the Daimler motto: 'Smooth as Flight'.

The rear compartments of these two cars are spacious and with the flat floor and generous leg room, it is very easy to gain access with any style of wedding dress. Tables drop down from the back of the front seats on the convertible so that sparkling wine can be enjoyed during the journey to the reception.

Convertible - 1939 Daimler Tickford Cabriolet, has always been a Nottinghamshire car and is only one of six with the coachwork by Salmons of Newport Pagnell. As with all vintage Daimlers, it is a very quiet and smooth running vehicle and would have been regarded as a high performance car in its day - top speed is 76 mph. A Wilson pre-selector gearbox coupled to a Fluid-flywheel is fitted, which is the forerunner of present day tiptronic / automatics. This made the car much easier to drive then any other model available at the time and allowed owners to drive themselves and therefore be not always dependent on a chauffeur.

Saloon - 1934 Daimler 15 Six Light Saloon, was supplied originally to Sir Thomas Innes of Learney in Scotland. It has a fascinating history and was once owned by the proprietor of the Spectator magazine - Algy Cluff who made it a prize for a competition in 1983 it was presented to the winner at the Savoy in London. The coachwork is by Mulliners Ltd of Bordlesley Green Road, Birmingham. It is also fitted with the Daimler Fluid-Flywheel Transmission which as Daimler says - 'Driving is endowed with a new zest which is not marred by any mechanical complication or noise'. Eighty years old in 2014, this car travels very well and the six-light saloon design gives a spacious and comfortable rear compartment.

Armstrong Siddeley - 1955 Sapphire 346 is a very comfortable luxury saloon with quite a stunning performance in its day. This car was supplied in May 1955 to a local farmer who used it until December 1968 when it was put away in the garage. It has now just received a complete nut and bolt restoration by John Wilson, its second owner. It is finished in silver and black and has a brown leather interior with walnut door cappings and is ideal for transporting Bridesmaids followed by the Brides party to the church or venue. With generous space in the rear seats and well-designed rear doors, the access for the bride in all designs of wedding dress is excellent. This car is perfect for photographs as it has a high roof and copious side and rear windows which means that the occupants can be clearly seen as the car arrives at the venue or reception. Cars like this are now a rare sight and this car is a beautiful example of the very best in the 1950ís, it certainly gives a very impressive arrival

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